Another Saturday Night Story: Can We Shake Some Cousins


Saturday, September 01, 2012

Can We Shake Some Cousins

Many of you may know Clarice Gaddy Cook, and Dave Gaddy. They are our cousins who descend from Nancy Caroline Gaddy's sister, Susan Alice Gaddy. Clarice sent me some pictures to post, maybe we can shake up more cousins. Thank you Clarice.

By attachment I'm sending pictures to you of four of Gramma's kids.  Perhaps this will shake some of our cousins loose!

1.  Clarence Cook c 1940
2.  Ernest Cook & wife Ada, c1946
3.  Florence Cook & husband Roy Wilson
4.  Grandma . . .
     back row:  Mary Cook, husband Lewis Smith, Susan A. Gaddy Cook, Kathleen Dandrew (daughter of Lena Cook, Pearl Cook (my mother)
      middle row:  Jack Williams (son of Kathleen), Clarence Cook
      front row:  George Cook, Clarice Cook (kids of Clarence Cook & wife Pearl)
      1938 . . . I believe this was taken Mother's Day
5.  Susan A Gaddy Cook, husband John H, daughter Mary Cook
6.  Mary Cook

Cousin Clarice Gaddy Cook

Max Marker and Clarice Cook Marker

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Dan Rice said...

CORRECTION:--->Clarice and Jewell are the granddaughters of Aunt Susie. Dave Gaddy is the great-grandson of Callie and Susie's brother, John H Gaddy.