Another Saturday Night Story: April 2006


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gas Prices

After spending time overseas, I came back thinking how spoiled Americans are with all these vehicles. In other countries, not everyone has a car. Most people walk or ride bicycles. When I was in the Marines, I lived off base for awhile. I would ride a 10 speed bike to and from work everyday. It was 16 miles to work and back. But now.............that is when I was a flat belly.......and in top shape.
We have become so dependent on Oil that it is now a question of life and death, of a War that may never end. I suppose without this fuel, that our economy would slowly flutter to a standstill.
The Republicans came up with a $100 rebate to all Americans. This is kind of like tipping the waitress a quarter....Don't you think?
Concerning Exxon's $8 billion 1st qtr. profit?..............Congress wants to punish these companies for making to much money by over taxing them......hehehe!!! Exxon would then be in good company with others in the past...........Bill Gates and Microsoft.........Big bout the Fortune teller lady, she made 50 million her first year, and they shut her down. What about Big Religion, Jimmy Swaggart for instance was slandered, as were others in an effort to shut them down. They collect millions daily! If you think by now I'm leaning towards conspiracy.......your right!
I think the government should give up both state and Federal Taxes on gasoline until this crisis is over. Or will it ever be over. You can bet your booty the Oil companies don't want it over. War is good for Big Oil. Is it no coincidence that our President and Vice President are Oil men.
Your Federal and State Gas Tax
When did the Federal Government begin collecting the gas tax?
Here is a link to your local Gas Prices

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fish Story

Another Family member sent me this tonight, thought it would make a good 'Saturday Night Story".

THE BIG ONE THAT DID NOT GET AWAY --- 2006 fish story on how to land the big one!

Caught on the Fraser River just above the Mission bridge two weeks ago. Weighed over 1,000lbs and measured 11'1". 56" around the girth and took over 6 and a half hours and 4 dozen beer for the 4 guys taking turns reeling.

How old do you thank this fish is?...Hmmmmmmmmm!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mose's is coming on a Motorbike

I've often wondered what would happen if we had a modern day Mose's come back today. The movie "The Ten Commandments" is on TV tonight. It was so cool when Charlton Hesston open that big Sea. What about when he turn the river into a river of blood, or he turned his staff into a snake. Hmmmmmmmmmmm......and what if there were a modern day Mose's coming soon. Shall we make a wish list?

- Could he give us one descent, truthful politician, who is not a yes man and not on the take. Kind of like Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Maybe Mose's would take over from here and decide he is going to clone Jimmy Stewart, and yes ...all of the clones will run congress. Who would Mose's clone for our next President?

- Will Mose's stop our world from melting, will he save all of the animals now extinct and in the future. Will he save the 20,000 plants they say will be extinct in the next 40 years. Will he turn oil to blood! if it isn't already. Mr. Mose's .......what is your energy policy?!

- Will Mose's go to the poor nations of the world and first wipe out the decease there, and then turn their rivers and mountains into gold and diamonds.

- Will he stop WAR for all time. Teach rich men how to be poor. Teach the poor how to be enriched.

- Will Mose's help us with grief. Of loves, we have won and lost. Of the death of loves ones who we miss forever! Will nightmares be a thing of the past?

- If he could help all of us, with raising our families, with the stress of work and paying bills, teach all of us how to slow down and with our eyes wide open, look at the world we live in, what it was in the beginning and what it is now.

Oh................Mose's..Mose's..Where are you?

Oh God in Heaven....when I get there......"I'm gonna whip your ass!"

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Air Guitar

Playing air guitar is like playing rock guitar, only without an actual instrument, or musical skills. It is, in fact, not about playing an instrument, but putting on a wild show. Anyone can play air guitar - all you need is some music to play along to.
My Grandaughter Kayla knows how to play the air guitar. I have always been the champion air guitar player. But Kayla, can now play her air guitar, and shake her booty too!

Give it a try..............and if you are good enough........then go here for the Championship!

Kayla's favorite AG songs:
All American Project - Swing Swing
Collective Soul - Better Now

My Favorite AG songs:
Deep Purple - My Woman From Tokyo
Goo Dolls - Iris

This is definitely a Saturday Night Thingy!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mumps Epidemic

The worst epidemic of Mumps in twenty years is being reported today in Iowa. They started vaccinating for the Mumps (MMR) in 1967. Few cases are reported yearly, but Iowa is now on the CDC radar. They say the strain could have been brought over, from Great Britain, by a college student, and spread from there.

For us old timers, before the vaccine available in 1967, you had the opportunity to go through the Mumps. I remember I was so sick. But, what I remember most was my sisters look like "Cabbage Patch Doll's", with their cheeks all swelled up.

Mumps is a viral infection of the salivary glands. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches and swelling of the glands close to the jaw. It can cause serious complications, including meningitis, damage to the testicles and deafness. this infection attacks men so!