Another Saturday Night Story: March 2008


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tony and Ashley got married

My niece, Ashley, and my new nephew Tony Burns got married in Grand Rapids, Michigan, friday night. Ashley is the daughter of my big sister, Becky. I will be posting pictures of the wedding, as soon as I receive them. I think everyone is moving a little slow today. Which means that everyone had a good time, and yes maybe a tad too much champaign. I wish Ashley and Tony many years of happiness together.

The Bride kissin cousin Evan

The Bride and cousin Erin

The Bride and Groom

Erica, Ashleys sister

The Bride and Groom

Cousins Erin and Jackie

The Bride with her mother, Becky.

Cousins Thorne and Evan, hiccup!!!!

Bennett Springs State Park
Opening Day of Trout season was today. Here is a picture of opening day back in 2003.

"He slept with his fly rod standing in the corner next to his bed. He didn't bother taking off his shirt and pants. His vest was on the bedpost, and his wading boots were placed where he could swing off the bed, and like a fireman, ram his feet into them. His fishing hat was by his pillow. The only thing different was that he didn't have a pole to slide down to the stream."
~ Jimmy D. Moore, 2003
"Opening Day"

Have A Good Week