Another Saturday Night Story: What Happen in BENGHAZI?


Saturday, September 22, 2012

What Happen in BENGHAZI?

Protesters attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Tuesday night and killed four Americans, including the US ambassador, Chris Stevens. At first, we were told the attacks were triggered by rage over an amateurish and deeply hateful film about Islam that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as, among other things, a child molester advocate, a bloodthirsty goon, a bumbling idiot, and a promiscuous, philandering leech. Yesterday we were told something different, and we may never know the truth about the incident.

The US consulate had very little security. It look more like a house, although it had a wall surrounding the facility. There are no Marines guarding consulates, Marines are only stationed at US Embassy's. Even though the locals had told Stevens he needed more security, it was never increase at the facility. It was very clear that this was not an attack over a film. The terrorist came to the consulate with Grenade launchers, and no intention of protesting. You don't bring genade launchers to a protest. Theses people attacked the consulate intent on killing those inside.

Besides the US Ambassodor, there was another diplomat and two security people who were killed. The two security people were Navy Seals. I have said this before, I don't want to know what our Navy Seals do, I know they do our governments work, and kill bad guys. Those Navy seals were there for a reason. The first report I read was they were there to help the Ambassodor disarm some of the more radical tribes surrounding Benghazi. Let me make this clear, it was no accident that these Navy Seals were there. I am thinking they pissed somebody off. The locals knew what their mission was, and did not like it. No matter how you spin it, we will never know the truth.

It is too bad we loss these people, two Navy seals and two diplomats that had many years of foriegn service. Things are never what they seem.

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