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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Comments from The Blog

Some of the comments that have been made on this blog since 2006 are fun, some are down right nasty, and some of them are a great surprise. Here is a sampling.

I remember when we lived on the cul-de-sac on Springdale off of Bee Street in Farmers Branch. Mom and Dad had a "new" green Plymouth stationwagon. The plymouth would vapor-lock in the Texas heat everytime we went anywhere. We all had the mumps. I was sicker than a dog. By the way, the dog was a black spaniel named Inky. Mom and I still laugh at the time we didn't have much money and said we could either have dinner or a payday candybar and go to the drive-in. We voted for the drive-in.

Thank You John Fox.......TAPSCOTT "The Emigrant"Hello Dan,

The reason that your Henry Tapscott reached Rockingham County, NC was since he was of marriageable age,and since his first cousin, once removed, had not married, he seized the opportunity to visit and make his intentions known. The Tapscotts were not immune to nor unresponsive to marrying their cousins, as they were a known entity. My general take on this, what better way to keep the looks, the money and the land in the family! This same concept applied when Henry and Nancy Tapscott's son, Samuel became of marriageable age and married a young cousin of his mother, Winifred Hill, of Franklin County, Virginia. He did not reside in Franklin County, but he certainly knew that Winifred did.

Cousin John Fox
Winston Salem, NC
Grandson of Frances O'Reta Tapscott
and GGGGgrandson of Henry Tapscott of Caswell County, NC and grandfather of Isabel Tapscott-McCauley Engel


John Fox said...

Your comments about Samuel and Winifred Hill Tapscott's lacking the skills of reading and writing are really poignant when one reads the listing of the family in Rockingham in the 1850 Census. What they had lacked in their education, must have made them more acutely aware of the necessity of a good education and preparation for life:

Lived in Rockingham County, North Carolina. 1850 US Census NC Rockingham Co page 40B:
Samuel Tabscott 59 b VA farmer unable to read and write
Winfred Tabscoot 52 b VA unable to read and write
George Tabscoot 27 b VA laborer
James Tabscoot 20 b NC teacher
S. T. Tabscoot 17 b NC laborer male
A. B. Tabscoot 14 b NC male attended school
Amanda Tabscoot 12 b NC attended school

All of the above children were literate

Their other children, John Hill Tapscott and H. C.(Henry Conway) Tapscott were found in the Surry County, NC Census for 1850; both were listed as Ironmasters, and were able to read and write.

All of the above represents the high degree of consideration that Samuel and Winifred had in the education of their children. That is most remarkable, considering that a free, public education had really not come into being by 1850. Most education was conducted in church schools or private academies.


Thank you to all of the Gaddy and Wallis decendents. so many have written comments here.

I'd like to get hold of you. You are my cousin. Nancy Caroline Gaddy Word is my aunt. Her brother, John H Gaddy, is my great grandfather.
Dave Gaddy-Cox

I, too, would like to contact you. My gramma was Susan Alice Gaddy, sister of Nancy Caroline Gaddy. I have the full record of all correspondence re Sarah Snead's widow's pension application which was declined as there is no evidence of Mathew Wallis being in Rev. War. From Footnote. Nat'l Archives tells me this is probably because Mathew's commanding officer didn't do his paperwork; that Mathew's Amelia Co militia group was not federalized.
Clarice Gaddy Cook Marker

shirleyb123 said...

Daniel Rice,
Re: Mathew Wallis, who died 9/25/1821: wife Sarah died in Greene county MO in 1847. She was 86 when she applied for widower's pension on 9/30/1845. Is Mathew in any way connected to Mansfield Wallis? Mansfield came to MO (from Limestone county AL) as an indentured blacksmith apprentice of Joseph H Ball who moved to Polk county, MO in about 1833 and died in Dade county about 9 or 10 years later. According to census, Mansfield was born in TN. He was in Ray county, MO in 1870. He had a son, Mansfield and a son, Washington and daughters Martha & Mina ( and maybe others). He was married at least 2 times, Delpha Lee & Elizabeth ?...

Matthew Wallis was also my 4th great grandfather.
My tree goes:
Matthew .. Sarah Crenshaw
Matthew .. Sarah Sneed
Jeptha .. Nancy Stevenson
Matthew .. Sarah J. Alsup
George C. .. Cordelia C. Tuck

I would love to compare notes with you.

I am the direct decendent of Matthew Franklin Wallis - patriot - American Revolutionary War - Fifer. He is my great,great,great,great,great,greatgrandfather. I have applied for Daughter of American Refolution enabling all ancestors to know the "rest of the story".......of course, we are hitting a few bumps in the road.........the DAR has requested proof of parentage for Matthew Franlin Wallis, with proof of dates and location of both Matthew and Elizabeth. Sarah's estate/probate of Mathew's estate/probate record, land deeds of Bible records. We need to provide another source confirming Matthew's service which will support the data from the pension filed (Sarah's letter). We need documentation to show that Mathew actually lived in Amelia County, NC at the time of the war and that he served as stated in the pension application. The Bible record will be very HELPFUL - any suggestions, or information will finally get Matthew's name on record. Lynne Wallis

Have you done any other research on Matthew?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say I have not. I seem to run into a brick wall at every turn. Please keep me posted if you should happen to discover any pertinent information.

Carolyn Wheeler
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Posted by: Robert Clark (ID *****3985) Date: March 30, 2009 at 11:06:17
In Reply to: MATTHEW F. WALLIS/SNEED/CRENSHAW by Kathryn Lee of 1746

I have been researching the Wallace/Wallis families in Amelia and Nottoway counties. (Matthew is not in my direct line of Wallaces, but is closely related.) Here is some of what I have gleaned.

John Wallice Sr. left a will in Amelia dated 2 Jan 1754. He named 3 sons--John Jr., Jeff and Matthew (along with several daughters). Matthew died before 19 May 1759, the date recorded for the inventory and appraisal of his estate.

Matthew had a son named Matthew. This is proven by a court case "Jeff Wallace vs. Matthew Wallace son & heir of Matthew Wallace Decd." dated 25 Jul 1760. (Amelia Co. Order Book 6, pp. 18 and 32). I can explain the issue involved in this case if anyone is interested, but the court gave Matthew the right to contest its judgment within 6 months after his turning 21 years of age.

The younger Matthew had several land transactions in the 1780s and 1790s. Before 1789, his land was in Amelia County, but that year the southern part of Amelia was split off as a new county, Nottoway, and this was where the Wallaces lived. Thus, Matthew shows up in Nottoway county land records in 1789 and the 1790s, even though he was in North Carolina by then.

When he sold land in 1785 and 1786, the record says that his wife was Mary. However, there is a Nottoway deed dated 31 Dec 1789 where Matthew is said to be from Wake, NC, and his wife is Anne. Adding more confusion is the Revolutionary War Pension application filed by his widow, Sarah, who said her maiden name was Sneed. The date of their marriage in Wake Co. is listed in different places as Jan. 1787, and in 1792.

That's enough for one response. I have more on this family during their Amelia/Nottoway years if anyone is interested.

A email I recieved on July 31st, 2012

Please email me for Ryan's address. he is looking for more information on Mathew Wallis.

I hope my e-mail finds you well. My name is Ryan and I live in Manor, Texas. I saw some of your posts on your blog. My 6th Great Grandfather was Fifer Matthew F. Wallis. Do you have anymore information on him? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.


7th Great Grandfather: Matthew Wallis

6th Great Grandfather: Matthew F. Wallis

5th Great Grandfather: Matthew Wallis

4th Great Grandfather: John Gillum Wallis

3rd Great Grandfather: John Clark Wallis

2nd Great Grandfather: Alvin Clark Wallis

Great Grandfather: Charles E. Wallis

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