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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Morgan Walker Raid

William Clarke Quantrill

My 3rd Great Grandmother was Elizabeth "Betsy" Walker, she married Thomas B. Gaddy in Jan 1815, in Estell County, KY. The Walkers and the Gaddy's settled up near Kansas City, in Clay County,Mo. Elizabeth had a brother name Morgan Walker who owned farm just North of Blue Springs, MO. Here is short story, sent to me by David Gaddy. It appears that Andrew Walker would have been our Elizabeth Walker's nephew.

The Morgan Walker Raid
By Ted W. Stillwell
William Quantrill, being from Kansas, was an abolitionist prior to becoming the leader of “The Bushwhackers” of Jackson County, Missouri. December 10,1860 was the turning point in his politics. On this date he joined five young Quaker abolitionists from Lawrence on a slave-stealing raid into Jackson County, Missouri, where they planned to “steal” the slaves of Morgan Walker, who lived near Blue Springs. The 1900 acre Walker farm was located where Pink Hill Park is today just west of Highway 7.
It was daylight when they arrived in the neighborhood. Quantrill left his boys hidden in the bush while he rode on into the Walker farm to survey the situation. At this point he became a turncoat and sold out his “friends.” He informed Morgan Walker’s son, young Andrew, what was about to take place, and that they should be prepared. Quantrill returned to his troop to await nightfall to begin the raid.
The Walkers rounded up a few neighbors to assist them and setup an ambush as the abolitionists came riding in that evening. One Quaker was killed on the spot, two were wounded and ran for cover and two more escaped back to Lawrence, Quantrill hung back out of harms way during the ambush. The neighbors tracked down the two wounded men and shot them on the spot.
Of course the sheriff was called and Quantrill was taken to jail. They locked him up at Independence in the old 1857 Jackson County Jail on North Main Street the following day. Sheriff John Burns said, “He was locked up for his own protection, as there was talk of lynching him and he would be safer there until the excitement was over.”
He didn’t stay locked up long, he was released about 8 o’clock that same evening and him and young Andrew Walker spent the rest of the night at a local hotel. Walker and Quantrill would become fast friends from that time on.
Quantrill remained in Jackson County during the winter of 1860-61. In the spring it is said he rode down into the Cherokee Nation, and with the Indians he fought under the Confederate General Mc Culloch at the battle of Wilson Creek near Springfield, Missouri. He also reportedly took part in the Battle of Lexington with Price’s army, and then deserted at Osceola during their retreat back south. By Thanksgiving 1861 he returned to Jackson County.
By mid December, Quantrill joined Andrew Walker and eleven other men in pursuit of a band of Kansas Jayhawkers who were looting about four miles north of Blue Springs. At the house of Strother Stone, they found them just after one of the Kansans had struck Mrs. Stone in the face with a pistol. Quantrill shot him on the spot. Two other Kansans were killed in a running battle. This soldier killed by Quantrill was the first Federal soldier killed in Jackson County during the Civil war.
Quantrill’s intelligence, education and skill soon made him the leader of a small band of Jackson County farmers who found it necessary to band together to defend themselves and their property from the Jayhawkers. By Christmas of 1861 he had ten men under his command, among those was George Todd of Lee’s Summit. 18 year old Cole Younger joined him shortly thereafter along with 19 year old Frank James and his brother Jesse who was 16. These men would become famous in later years.
The “Bushwhackers,” who were considered local vigilantes, would ride into fame and go down in the history books under the command of the notorious William Quantrill.
Ref: We Rode With Quantrill by Donald R. Hale printed by Blue & Grey Book Shoppe

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome Gaddy Cousin's

My second Great Grandfather was John Price Gaddy b.1866,d.1946. He married Violet Susan Roberts in 1883. My records show they had nine children.
Thomas Marion Gaddy 1853
Sarah N. Gaddy 1855
Elizabeth E. Gaddy 1858
Susan Alice Gaddy 1860
Sterling Price Gaddy 1863
John H. Gaddy 1864
Nancy Caroline Gaddy 1866
Norman Gaddy 1877
Herbert Gaddy 1879

Our Nancy Caroline Gaddy, affectionately known as "Aunt Callie", married Albert Pike Word. Their daughter, Ira Belle Word married my Grandfather, Lloyd McMehen Rice.

It seems we have new cousins to announce this week. I was contacted by David Gaddy Cox , of Kansas City, KS. David and I are the same age. He descends from John H. Gaddy b. 1864. Welcome to our family Blog.

Here is his family, David wrote:
John H Gaddy was born August 4, 1864. He married Lula Winfrey, (b: November 29, 1873), of Carroll County Missouri, on September 29, 1890 at Liberty Landing, Missouri. They moved for a short time to Mt. Vernon, Illinois where they had Don Richard Gaddy on August 12, 1891. They moved to Kansas City, Kansas in about 1892, and lived there for the rest of their lives. John H Gaddy died in February 1939. Lula lived until the age of 91 years and passed away in January 1965. (Much of my family information came directly to me from my great-grandmother)
Don Richard Gaddy married Marie Scott, (b: March 23, 1893), of Arkansas City, Kansas on Groundhog Day 1918 in Kansas City, Kansas. They had Shirley Marie Gaddy on November 15, 1918. Don Richard Gaddy died on December 29, 1960 at age 69 years. Marie Scott Gaddy died May 23, 1967.
Shirley Marie Gaddy married Dorrance Alan Cox on September 29, 1939 in Kansas City, Kansas. They had Donna Marie Cox on November 27, 1942 and David Alan Gaddy-Cox on September 11, 1951. Alan Cox died in April 1984. My Mom is still going strong!
My sister Donna has one daughter, Annette, who was born February 16, 1965. Annette had two sons, David, born May 23, 1993 and Christian, born April 18, 1996.
I have one son, Jeremy, born February 23, 1971. Jerry had one son, Joshua Alan, born July 11, 1994. I need to add that my son is divorced from Joshua’s mother, Laura. Laura and I are very close, so when she remarried to a man named Mark Langston, I became close to him as well. At any rate, Mark’s father is dead. When Mark and Laura became pregnant with their first child, they asked my Mom and I to be official great grandmother and grandfather. So I have two more grandchildren, Noah, age 3, and Caleb, age 18 months. Joshua and his family live in Rich Hill, Missouri which is about 100 miles south of my home, but Joshua comes up every weekend. Noah usually comes up with him and Caleb will be making his first overnighter to "Poppy and Great Grandma’s" in June for his first visit to World’s Of Fun. ( And yes, great grandma goes as well…)
Pretty small family as they go, but it gives you the breakdown for John H Gaddy.

I would also like to welcome cousins, Clarice Gaddy Cook Marker, she descends from Susan Alice Gaddy b. 1860, and Debbie Gepford, who descends from Sterling Price Gaddy b. 1863.

Now for some great old pictures.

John Price Gaddy who married Violet Susan Roberts.

Standing is John H. Gaddy, and Nancy Caroline Gaddy. Sitting is Thomas
Marion Gaddy and Susan Alice Gaddy.

Sterling Price Gaddy

Next week I will tell some stories about the Walker family. Our 3rd Great Grandmother Elizabeth Walker, married Thomas B. Gaddy. It seems they had some ties to Quantrill's Raiders, Frank and Jesse James.

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