Another Saturday Night Story: April 2007


Saturday, April 28, 2007

In the News

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, center, leads a protest march in New Orleans, Saturday, April 28, 2007. The march was to protest the pace of recovery from Hurricane Katrina in the 9th ward. Jackson is flanked by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and Rep. William Jefferson, D-La.

- Nine more US troops killed today, and many more Iraq civilians. Our President has not only stop listening to the American People, concerning the War. He has now told our Congress and Senate to screw off, with their plans of early withdrawal.

- Gas prices are at almost $3 a gallon. They have ran out of excuses for high prices. Gas is costing more than a dollar more a gallon than a year ago. On a 15 gallon fill up that is more than my weekly pay raise this year.

- They are still trying to get answers about the Va Tech shooter. Dead men don't answer questions, we can only speculate. Just ask Timothy McViegh, who was briskly put to his death. There are still unanswered questions to this day.

- I read where Taliban Leaders in Afganistan have now taken over another province. I thought we won that War..................NOT!

- "Beam me up Scotty", which I frequently murmur about my customers. Today, they really did. Scotty's ashes were flown into space and scattered, smothered and covered, as Waffle House would have it.

- My mother started her Cancer medicine today. can read about it here!

Song of the Week
A song for my brother and sisters........from a time that has now passed!
Natalie Merchant "Where I Go".
Have a good week

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mother's Road to Recovery

I apologize that I haven't written for this Blog for the past two weeks. I have been preoccupied with the news that my 82 year old Mother, Louise, has Kidney Cancer. She called me on Friday (three weeks ago) and called her other children to tell of this news. Her Doctor told her by phone that she had Kidney Cancer and that it was not curable nor treatable. By Sunday, Mother did not have the energy to walk across the living room and my older Brother, Tim, took her to the Cancer Hospital. This has been quite an ordeal for my Mother and for my Brother and my Sisters.

Let me begin by saying that once that they took my Mother to the Hospital on Sunday, all I could do was pace the floor. My mind was preoccupied with my thoughts about her and what she must be feeling. By Tuesday, they had decided that Mother's health aside from the Kidney Cancer was in such great shape that they did Surgery on her and removed the tumorous Kidney. Her Cancer Doctor says there is a pill she can take once a day that should dissolve the rest of the Cancer. We are all hopeful and praying that this is the road to her recovery. She is still weak; but, alert. She is walking and eating and she is fighting to get her strength back after this Surgery.

I have been back and forth to Oklahoma City a couple of times during the last weeks. I think about my Mother every waking hour of the day wondering how she is, what her improvements are and wanting to be there with her.

I need to say this about my Mother - she is probably the most courageous person I've ever known. She always stood up for us kids. She's been a successful business person who stood up in front of large crowds of people and spoke. She is a leader among other co-workers. When we were growing up, we were not poor; but, we didn't have a lot of money. What money we had, she spent on us kids and not on herself. She's loved all of us kids through all of our own ups and downs and made us all better people because of it. My Mother is a Sports Fan and has been for several years. She knows all of the player's names in Major League Baseball and all the boy's names of the College Basketball Teams.

When I was little, I used to break everything nice that she had in the house and she still loved me. When I was five or six years old, I fell out of the car when it was going 50 mph and cracked my head open and she still loved me. When I got older and joined the Marines, they sent my Civilian clothes back in a box and she told me that she had never cried so hard on that day. I have, for many years, called and talked to my Mother two, three or 4 times a week. I can talk to her about anything in my life and she will listen as a best friend would.

I have enjoyed visiting with my three Sisters these past couple of weeks since we hardly get to see each other or speak. They are as stressed out about this whole situation as I am. I love all of them. My older Brother has lived with my Mother for some 20 years. I am grateful that he has been there to watch over Mother during this time.

I know that there are many, many people out there who are praying for her speedy recovery. I want all of you to know that I am thankful.

Song of the Week
My Mothers favorite singer is Barbara Striesand, and one of her favorites is "People".

Have a Good Week