Another Saturday Night Story: October 2007


Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Pictures From May

We found an old digital camera this week
that had a bunch of pictures from Mom's funeral.

We Love, and miss you Mom.
Have a Good Week

Saturday, October 06, 2007

More Family Pictures

I promised last week I would post more family pictures. My sister Debby had these, and I got digital pictures made a few weeks ago. I just love old pictures!

This is Eliza Wilcox Hays, who married Orville Crawford Word. She was my 2nd Great Grandmother. She was also the Great Grandaughter of Daniel Boone.

This is Nancy Caroline Gaddy. She is my Great Grandmother, who married Albert Pike Word.

This is Albert Pike Word who married Nancy Gaddy. He is my Great Grandfather.

This is Barbara Amelia McMehen. She is my Great Grandmother, who married Boone Rice.

This is Boone Chastain Rice, who married Barbara McMehen. He was my Great Grandfather.

Have a Good Week