Another Saturday Night Story: Burps This Week


Saturday, September 08, 2012

Burps This Week

Just a few burps this week about whats happening........

The Democratic convention was very good this week. I did not watch the other one.

Have you heard that song by Taylor Swift------->We are never ever getting back together.

Let's hope the Hurricanes stay away from New Orleans. Our family there was lucky this last time with Isaac.

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Some amazing pictures from the past, that I can not believe are in one place(300 photos)

Michael Clarke...Green Mile Movie Star died this week. He was only 54, died of heart attack complications. May he rest in peace.

I had my VA check up this week. Now that I quit smoking they have changed all my medicines. The side effects are not as I suspected.

I am not sure we should be getting in to other peoples war's. The Syrians may have to take care of there own. Now Iran is another story, we do not have a good history with this country, a madman with Nuke capability.

Has anyone tried the new Google TV box by Visio, it cost around $99.

Football season has kicked off, and Tim and I watch it all weekend....sorry but we are big fans of some more than others.

Taylor Swift


Amy said...

Kayla loves that song right now!!!

Dan Rice said...

Yes.... it is about John Mayer, she dated for a while.