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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Daniel Boone was my 5th Great Grandfather

Daniel Boone was my 5th Great Grandfather. His daughter Susannah Boone who married William hays, had a son William Hays Jr.. Willam Hays Jr. married Phoebe Stevens who had a daughter Eliza Wilcox Hays. Eliza married Orville Word. Orville and Eliza are my 2nd Great Grandparents. Their son, Albert Pike Word was my great Grandfather. I must note that by this marriage of Eliza Hays and Orville Word, thier decendents will all be great grandchildren of Daniel Boone.........forever!
Here is the story of Daniel Boone. It is quite interesting that the ancestry of Rebecca Bryan has taken me back to first royalty,and then to Adam and Eve.
These readings are from my book, and this Biography was contributed by LaDonna Word Woltman, April 8, 1974.

GEORGE BOONE (born app. 1664), a weaver from the village of CULLOMPTON, near EXETER in ENGLAND, sent his son GEORGE BOONE II, his daughter SARAH, and another son, SQUIRE, to investigate Penn. before 1713. SQUIRE worked on the ship as a cabin boy. They liked the land so GEORGE returned home to get his father. GEORGE returned immediately to Penn. and married an American girl in May, 1713. It was four years before GEORGE I, and the rest of the family came over. They sailed on Aug. 17, 1717, and arrived in Philadelphia on Oct. 10, 1717. In 1718, they moved to OLEY TOWNSHIP, now BERKS COUNTY. GEORGE'S sister, MARY BOONE, married JOHN WEBB in 1719. On July 23, 1720, SQUIRE BOONE and SARAH MORGAN were married. SARAH was the daughter of JOHN MORGAN who lived in GWYNEDD. On Dec. 3, 1728, SQUIRE bought land in NEW BRITAIN TOWNSHIP, BUCKS COUNTY. In 1730, he bought another tract of land in OLEY TOWNSHIP, now BERKS COUNTY. DANIEL BOONE was born there Nov. 2, 1734, the sixth son of SQUIRE and SARAH. HENRY MILLER was a friend of DANIEL's since youth. In 1742, DANIEL's sister was married. In 1747, his brother ISRAEL was married. BOONES and LINCOLNS have always been closely associated, and also the MORGAN BRYANS. SQUIRE and SARAH sold their land on April 11, 1750, and left Penn. HENRY MILLER settled on LINNVILLE CREEK, ROCKINGHAM, VIRGINIA. In late 1751 or early 1752, SQUIRE BOONE reached YADKIN VALLEY in NORTH CAROLINA. On Dec. 29, 1753, he bought land, Earl of Granville (now DAVIDSON COUNTY, N. CAROLINA) near SALISBURY. After fighting in the war, DANIEL was back home with his father in 1757. DANIEL's sister, MARY BOONE, married WILLIAM BRYAN. At the age of 16, REBECCA BRYAN became the bride of DANIEL BOONE on Aug. 14, 1756 (she was born approximately 1740). In 1759, DANIEL and REBECCA moved to CULPEPPER COUNTY, VIRGINIA, near FREDRICKSBURG, for a short time during the Indian uprising. This is where DANIEL met and became friends with GEORGE WASHINGTON. By Oct. 12, 1759, they were back in YADKIN COUNTY. DANIEL had bought 640 acres of land from his father in ROWAN COUNTY. While on his hunting and exploring trips DANIEL had a knack for carving on trees and etc. These are found all over the YADKIN, CLINCH, HOLSTON and WATAUGA VALLEYS east and west of the ALLEGHENIES in NORTH CAROLINA, TENNESSEE and KENTUCKY down the Big Sandy River and etc. In 1763, in Oct., DANIEL and his brother SQUIRE left for Florida; although DANIEL bought land and a house in PENSACOLA, FLA., he disliked the climate and the hunting was poor with practically no trapping so the house was never lived in. Son JAMES began hunting at the age of eight. DANIEL took him hunting and camping in the winter of 1767. Later in 1767, BOONE hunted with BENJAMIN CUTBIRTH, husband of his niece ELIZABETH WILCOXIN, in WATAUGA COUNTY, now a part of TENNESSEE. The same year DANIEL ventured across the BLUE RIDGE, BIG SANDY, on the eastern edge of KENTUCKY, down the Ohio River until they were west of the CUMBERLAND MOUNTAINS, SALT SPRINGS near PRESTONBURG in eastern KENTUCKY. JOHN FINLEY told DANIEL about the land in KENTUCKY. DANIEL and SQUIRE BOONE, brother-in-law JOHN STUART, and JOHN FINLEY, along with three camp-keepers, left May 1, 1769, for KENTUCKY (camp-keepers were JOSEPH HOLDEN, JAMES MOONEY and WILLIAM COOL or COOLEY). By June 7, they reached STATION CAMP CREEK (so called because they built their base camp here). Early in 1773, while exploring, DANIEL occupied his old cave on LITTLE HICKMAN CREEK in JESSAMINE COUNTY. They left in Sept., 1773, for KENTUCKY needing more tools and flour. JAMES BOONE and HENRY RUSSELL (Capt. WILLIAM RUSSELL's son) went back on the night of Oct. 10, 1773. On WALDEN'S CREEK the two boys and two slaves were attacked by Indians, one of the slaves being able to get away into the bushes. The Indians had a great deal of fun torturing them to death. Among the band, JAMES recognized BIG JIM, a Shawnee who often visited with his father. Shivering in terror in his pile of driftwood, the Negro heard JAMES begging his father's friend to spare his life, but the Indians were intent on torture. Again the slave heard JAMES screaming for mercy but this time the only mercy he asked for was to be toma-hawked at once and allowed to die. Again BIG JIM refused. The torture went on until at last the two boys died, their bodies slashed to ribbons, their nails torn out, their palms slashed in futile efforts to turn the blades aside with bare hands. CAPTAIN RUSSELL and a comrade found the boys and sent ahead for DANIEL. REBECCA sent with DANIEL a linen sheet to cover her son and keep the earth from his body. DANIEL also built a cabin with EVAN HINTON in HARRODSBURG, KEN. It was burned down by the Indians in 1777, and he never lived there. March 10, 1775, SQUIRE, STONER, CUTBIRTH and RICHARD CALLAWAY started WILDERNESS ROAD. Around April 19, 1775, they passed through POWELL's VALLEY, CUMBERLAND GAP and WARRIORS' PATH. Moving to HAZEL PATH, ROCKCASTLE RIVER, and on to what is today MADISON COUNTY. In late August, 1775, the BOONES, CALLAWAYS, TODDS, HARRODS, KENTONS and LOGANS came to BOONESBOROUGH. A short time later, SQUIRE and the BRYAN family joined them. In the early summer of 1776 (Sunday, July 7) JEMIMA BOONE, BETSY and FANNY CALLAWAY, went for a ride on a raft and were kidnapped by Indians. A week later, home safe, JEMIMA became engaged to FLANDERS CALLAWAY, although she was only 14. During the next few years, between hunting and scouting, DANIEL worked for the Union selling land. Between the Indian wars and so many people moving into that part of the country, DANIEL decided to move on. He had been hearing a lot about MISSOURI. Like his father and grandfather before him, he sent his sons to see the land. DANIEL MORGAN and NATHAN set out for MISSOURI. It didn't take much to convince them that they should all move. They returned in the early part of 1799. DANIEL and family, friends and neighbors were ready for the move. NATHAN BOONE left the party and went to LIMESTONE where he bought a marriage license and left for LITTLE SANDY, KENTUCKY, to marry OLIVE VAN BIBBER. They married Sept. 26, 1799, and were on their way to MISSOURI by Oct. 1. (Miss VAN BIBBER was said to be the prettiest girl north of the OHIO RIVER). They all met in ST. LOUIS and from there went west to ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI, where they all received land. DANIEL MORGAN BOONE was married on March 2, 1800, in the Parish of St. Charles Borromeo, to SARAH GRIFFIN LEWIS, daughter of JOHN BAPTIST LEWIS and ELIZABETH HARVE. In the next few years, DANIEL was getting more famous than ever. The people of KENTUCKY were stirring - they wanted their hero back. DANIEL said he would never return to KENTUCKY. His wife passed away at the age of 73. DANIEL moved in with his son NATHAN and his wife and children and spent the last few years of his life hunting when he felt like it, and teaching his grandchildren to hunt and fish and tell his stories of the old days. DANIEL passed away on Sept. 26, 1820, at the home of his son NATHAN.
This Biography contributed by LaDonna Word Woltman, April 8, 1974.

[Pioneering was a familiar experience for many of these people. Either they or their parents had already moved several times before reaching the Mississippi Valley. Mark Twain vividly described the kinds of men he had seen while growing up in Hannibal, Missouri: "Rude, uneducated, brave, suffering terrific hardships with sailor-like stoicism; heavy drinkers...heavy fighters, reckless fellows, every one, elephantinely jolly, foul witted, profane; profligal of their money...yet in the main, honest, trustworthy, faithful to promises and duty, and often picaresquely magnanimous." Daniel Rice]

Song of the Week
This song is off the new Alan Jackson album "Like Red on a Rose". This album is produced by Alison Krause who wrote most of the songs on the album. The album is very mellow, unlike Jacksons previous cuts. This tune is a great cut of an oldie written by Leon Russell, "Bluebird".......Oh Bluebird...why did you have to fly away?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cha Cha Invitation

This is your official invite to the new "Revolutionary Seach Engine........Cha Cha". Cha Cha is a very unique search engine, as you can search by yourself, or search with a Cha Cha guide. This is really nice for folks who have some very specific searches, or for that matter, people who just don't know how to search. You will find that the Cha Cha search engine is very comprehensive. Once you do a search, it will throw you hits, and next to those hits will be a small thumbnail of the related site. You will also notice that on the far left of the page, it catergorizes your search step by step.
Cha Cha launched around September 1, 2006. Since the Cha Cha launch many of the guides have been training, including myself. Cha Cha management has been working around the clock to tweak the workings of Cha Cha, to stabalize it, so the customer can be satisfied with great results. These great results will get even better as time goes by, and we are relying on all our efforts to gather repeat customers. Being a guide for Cha Cha is very rewarding. It is almost addictive, doing searches for other people. This is a people business, and I like to call it, "Up Close and Personal". You are helping other people, that cant find things for themselves. We have at Cha Cha, what we call the Cha Cha underground. This is where all the guides hang out. The public can even access the underground, and search for their favorite guide, and look at their profile page. Here is a link to "My Page". The page shows my picture, my sponsor( my beautiful sister Debby), and my Network. Your welcome to go there and browse around.
Cha Cha is the brain storm of Scott A. Jones, Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Pioneer. In the mid-80's, he invented and patented what is known today as the voice mail system. You must go to his website, and read his biography. Take a look at his companies. Read the press releases at his website on Cha Cha. I will say this about Scott Jones. He has vision. If you work for him, then his vision becomes your vision. This leadership is what America was built on. I know he is involved in everyday operations at Cha Cha. This is what it takes to be a successful company. I see Cha Cha as a strong competitor to Yahoo and Google. I see Cha Cha as moving from not just a great search engine, but a conglomerate of several services to help people. Google started out as a science project at Stanford, and finally incorporated in a garage at their start up. I believe Cha Cha will move much faster in success than Google, because Cha Cha has good people working for them, that all share the same vision. I am proud to be one of them!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Forty-Two Martyrs of Amorion

For those of you who have been following Pope Benedict's statements about the Muslims. It is very clear that he regrets he said what he did, but he has not apoligized. He also does not owe an apology for any statements that are true. For those that don't know, this is the statement made.
"In a broader talk rejecting any religious motivation for violence, Benedict cited the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as "evil and inhuman," particularly "his command to spread by the sword the faith."
I can tell you this. This statement is only minor, compared to the many teachings of the Quarun. The Pope owes no apology, and to tell you quite frankly, its about time someone started talking about the Quarun. It teaches those who believe, to kill non-believers.
I am passing along a website called "Byzantine Catholic Culture". This website will give a little history of what exactly the Pope was talking about when he made his statement. The Byzantine Empire dates back to the year 500 AD, and their history is quite complicated. The remnents of this empire and religion, mainly Catholic, are still with us today.

Song of the Week
This is an old favorite Blues song that still sounds smooth and crisp. Gary Moore "Still Got the Blues".

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pilot Expertise

This photo was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan of a helo rescue mission. The pilot is a PA Guard guy who flies EMS choppers in civilian life. Now how many people on the planet you reckon could set the butt end of a chopper down on the roof top of a shack on a steep mountain cliff and hold it there while soldiers load wounded men in the rear??? If this does not impress you ... nothing ever will. Gives me the chills and a serious case of the vertigo ... I can't even imagine having the nerve ... much less the talent and ability ... God Bless our military!!!!!

Song of the week
It is with all the Irish blood I can muster, I send this song. To those men and women in harms way, and to those who have died along the way. "Riverdance Theme"

Saturday, September 02, 2006

His name was "MUDD"

Conspiracy of Confederate Sympathizers

John Wilkes Booth, a popular actor, ended his full-time stage career in May of 1864. The Maryland native wanted to spend most of his time on his primary interest--supporting the Confederate States of America. Within months, Booth was working actively with Confederate partisans. A Plan to capture President Lincoln and exchange him for Confederate prisoners of war brought Booth into contact with Dr. Samuel Mudd, John Surratt, his mother Mary, Lewis Thorton Powell, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and others. This plan failed when on the day chosen for the capture, President Lincoln changed his plans and did not travel on the road where conspirators were waiting.
This March 17, 1865, failure was quickly followed by two major Confederate defeats. Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, was abandoned to Union troops and on Palm Sunday, April 9th, Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to General Grant. It would be only five days after this surrender, April 14, 1865, That President Lincoln was to be assassinated.
Booth had decided to assassinate President Lincoln while Powell was to kill Secretary of State Seward, and Atzerodt was to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson. With the President and Vice President dead, this would then place the Senate Pro Tempore as acting President, but it would require the Secretary of State to put a new election in motion. Booth hoped to throw the country into political chaos, and hopefully the Confederacy would rise again. Powell did injure six people while attacking Seward. Seward was injured with a knife to his cheek, but he was not dead. It seemed that Atzerodt got drunk, and did not attempt to assassinate Johnson.
Within hours of Lincoln's shooting, Booth fled Washington on horseback and met Herold on the road. Both men rode into southern Maryland. The pain from the broken small bone in his left leg (broken in the escape from the State Box at Ford's Theatre) led Booth and Herold to stop at Dr. Mudd's home for medical aid.
On April 26th, twelve days after having killed the President, Booth and Herold were surrounded while hiding in a tobacco shed in Port Royal, Virginia (Garret’s Farm). Herold surrendered to the Union troops, but Booth held out and was shot, by a young soldier, Boston Corbett, while the shed burned down around him.
The other conspirators were soon arrested. Atzerodt, Herold, Powell, and Mrs. Surratt were all found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. Mary Surratt, became the first woman to be executed under federal orders. The hangings took place in what is now Fort McNair. Dr. Mudd and two others involved in the original capture attempt were sentenced to life in prison. Edman Spangler, who held Booth's horse during the assassination, was sentenced to six years hard labor. In 1869, President Andrew Johnson pardoned the surviving conspirators.
This whole episode I find interesting. There were many Maryland natives who were sympathetic to the Confederacy. Lincoln was afraid that Maryland was to secede to the Confederacy and he, somewhat, declared Martial Law upon that state. The natives became even more outraged at Lincoln.
Dr Mudd, after setting and bandaging Booth's injured limb, let him and the friend accompanying him stay in his home overnight. It was only on the following morning that Dr Mudd heard of the assassination and, his suspicions aroused, immediately informed the authorities of what had occurred. Nonetheless, he was arrested, subsequently to be tried by a military court. All Mudd had done was an innocent act of mercy and his duty as a doctor. But in the eyes of a vengeful prosecution and of a grieving nation, embittered to the point of hysteria, he was an accomplice in the conspiracy. In their minds, he had committed treason. He was sentenced to a life of hard labour and, in chains, taken to Fort Jefferson, the country's most notorious prison. Overnight "his name is Mudd" became a contemptuous charge. There is no doubt that this tragic incident made the phrase known worldwide. However, with the passing of years, its origin was forgotten and Mudd's name changed into mere "mud."
The conspiracy trials were held by military court. Under the law at that time, military trials could be used for civilian matters when there was no civil courts available. There was civil court’s available in Washington D.C. This was, by all definition, a lynching by the government during this time. There were a great many sympathizers for the conspirators, from around the world. The day the hangings took place. Over a thousand people attended. Afterwards, cake and lemonade was to be served in celebration. The four conspirators were buried in shallow graves next to the gallows, and in later years released back to their families. Although the conspirators acknowledged they acted alone without the Confederate governments consent. I believe, the Confederate government did know of their actions. The kidnapping plot of the President was to release Confederate troops. That doesn’t sound like demands of mere outraged Maryland natives, it sounds like the demand of a government. Besides, most of the conspirators admitted to being Confederate agents. If the conspirators had implicated the Confederates knowing of the assassination plot, maybe Robert E. Lee, himself would have stood trial.
The government also took control of the Ford Theater, closed it down. It would not have been proper for a place of entertainment to remain open after such a great President was assassinated there. The government later used the building for war records. It was renovated, and brought back to life, as an historic National site in 1968.

Much has been written about Lincoln, the Civil War, and those turbulent times. If the North had not won the war, where would this country be today? Lincoln, through his wisdom, made the right decisions at the right time. For his Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson, it would also be a long road to making this country whole again. Andrew Johnson, a Tennessee senator, would later be accused of being too sympathetic to the southerners. That is a whole other story.

Song of the Week
Lee Ritenour, with Chris Botti, and Lisa Fischer, bring us a Twist of Motown with a rendition of "Papa was a Rolling Stone".